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How Cloudscene used Automation to Increase Delivery Speed

How Cloudscene used Automation to Increase Delivery Speed

  • Test speed reduce by 88%
  • 75% test automation coverage

Cloudscene is a Brisbane based Growth and Establishment stage company building a digital procurement platform to help buyers and sellers of colocation, cloud, and connectivity across the globe. This is a highly valuable market space and a lot of competitors are striving to be the leader.

The Cloudscene website has all the arsenal it needs to be the leader in the cloud services procurement Market. Good marketing strategies, Key cloud operators’ collaboration and great data sets. But how to get the good stuff out there fast enough with the help of their Developers and Testers ?

Like any start-up, testing was the responsibility performed by different stakeholders. Cloudscene was no different where the marketing was responsible for the software testing. However as the company grew, the testing effort grew larger and what was optimal became a bottleneck. How to alleviate this problem?

The CEO quoted:

       "There is no luxury of time due to the potential of the platform”.

The VP of Marketing quoted:

        “Reputation and credibility on the line”

        “Cloudscene is a customer facing product ,industry is harsh and does not forget mistakes”

        “Cloudscene need more preventative measures to reduce failure creeping into production”

The development team quoted:

        “We need the majority of user journeys to be automated”.

How the Covid Pandemic Made this Challenging?

After the pandemic started and lockdown restrictions were in place, a new challenge emerged for us, which was how do we work remotely with the same efficiency as in house?

Scrum activities like daily standup and retrospectives would be done using google hangouts and working with Developers would be done using chatting on slack. Initially there was resistance to this change but it soon became the new normal.

  • Daily Standups
  • Process Improvement Meetings
  • Increased Communication on Slack/Google Hangouts
  • Design Process Discussions

What Success Meant for Us

  • Reduce delivery time to production from 4 hours to below 30 mins using test automation
  • 100% collaborative approach on Testing and freeing the critical resource
  • 75% Total test automation coverage

Our Approach

Implement a Test Management Tool

  • Implement Test Management Tool
  • Centralised Location for Tests
  • Track Automation Progress
  • Automation Metrics

Collaboration on Key Areas for Automation Testing

  • Key App Workflows
  • Prioritised Test Cases
  • Detailed Test Plan
  • Release Plans
  • Exploratory Testing

Automation Test Strategy

  • Tool Set
  • Critical Use Cases
  • Cost to Benefit and ROI Analysis

High Level Timeline for Testing Deliverables

  • Visual Roadmaps
  • Weekly Reporting


  • 100% Freeing up of Critical Resource

With automation testing framework and exploratory testing in place, testing was taken over from other resources.

  • 83% Decrease in Testing Turnover Time

We were able to reduce the time for regression testing from 3 hours to 20 mins from implementing automation testing

  • 75% Total Tests Automated

We covered critical test cases based on cost/ benefit analysis and automated them.

Our Wins

  1. On Demand testing

Successfully built a regression test suite for critical flows to run on demand when they have a new release and way before deadline.

  1. Automation Education

Educate the client on how to address software delivery issues head on with automation

  1. Testing Formalization

We were able to free up a critical resource. It’s hard to quantify the benefit but it’s definitely had impact

Want faster delivery through automation?

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