Product Strategy Consulting

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Business Problems we love to solve

Do you need to deliver faster?
Do you feel your process is suboptimal?
Do you need to streamline quality?
Is it challenging to build a customer base?
Are you sure you are building the right product?
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Your Partner in end-to-end delivery
Pantheras is an integrated consulting team of product managers, developers, and quality engineers that help you build products that your customers will love. Driven by our outcome orientated process, we deliver end-to-end experiences to help build your product right and scale your businesses. From websites and apps to complex systems, our product strategy consultants will work with you from strategy to execution and support.
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Your Partner in end-to-end delivery
From scale ups to corporates, we partner with organisations to embed Quality into their Product, Engineering and Operations. We nurture talent, enhance the technology, and hone the strategies needed to scale, streamline operations, grow revenue, and build a sustainable competitive product and services. Our product strategy consulting services are the best in the industry.
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Your Partner in end-to-end delivery
Our mission is to create an environment where great people can do great work. By partnering with you to develop smart strategies, logical processes, quality control and expert talent, your people can focus on doing what they do best, creatively solving business challenges. We start by taking the time to truly understand your business, challenges and objectives, before delivering the right combination of expert talent, smart processes and cutting-edge technology you need to build quality at pace. Our product management consultancy process is straightforward and effective.

Domains we work in...

FinTech is under pressure to accelerate speed of delivery. As an established product management consultancy firm, we have extensive experience that helps our clients improve, digitise and automate existing services that enable a better user experience and benefits their financial outcomes.
Banking has evolved and we understand how crucial a great customer experience and technology are to remain competitive. We use our experience with the major banks and insurers to change mindsets and break bottlenecks to respond to market need.
Covid-19 has accelerated change among traditional bricks and mortar industries to pivot how they conduct business. Changing customer behaviours have forced organisations to adapt their business model to a post covid world. We help retailers embrace sudden and unexpected transitions by supporting them with the right technology and digitalisation across the board.
The need to transform and find efficiencies is ever-increasing. We apply our expertise and experience in a process oriented environment that drives efficiencies.

What our customers are saying

I loved working with the pantheras team
“We found Pantheras' assistance invaluable and all the staff involved in the test benefited from their experience and formal methodology.”
Relevant and tailored.
“Relevant content, tailored to our context. Great mix of exercises and discussion. I think it was also good to give everyone a chance to think about what to apply at work"

Meet The Team

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Deepika Longanathan
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