Product, Strategy, and Marketing Consulting

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Business Problems we love to solve

Do you need a trusted marketing partner as an extension of your team?
Do you need to engage with your customers better?
Do you want to drive brand awareness and consideration?
Do you need to drive growth for your business?
Do you need to streamline quality?
Are you sure you are building the right product?
Do you feel your process is suboptimal?
Do you need to deliver faster?
Is it challenging to build a customer base?
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Your partner in end-to-end delivery
Pantheras is an integrated consulting team of product managers, developers, marketing managers, and quality engineers that help you build and market products that your customers will love. Driven by our outcome-oriented process, we deliver end-to-end experiences to help build your product right and scale your business. From websites and apps to complex systems, our product strategy and marketing consultants will work with you from strategy to execution and support.
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Your partner in end-to-end delivery
From scale-ups to corporates, we partner with organisations to embed quality into their product, engineering, operations and marketing. We nurture talent, enhance technology, and hone strategies needed to scale, streamline operations, grow revenue, and build and market sustainable competitive products and services. Our product strategy and marketing consulting services are known for their high quality within the industry.
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Your partner in end-to-end delivery
Our mission is to create an environment where great people can do great work. By partnering with you to develop smart strategies, logical processes, quality control and expert talent, you and your team can focus on doing what you do best, creatively solving business challenges. We start by taking the time to truly understand your business, challenges and objectives, before delivering the right combination of expert talent, smart processes, and cutting-edge technology you need to build quality products and services at pace and effectively market them. Our product management and marketing consultancy processes are straightforward and effective.

Domains we work in...

FinTech is under pressure to accelerate speed of delivery and growth. As an established product management and marketing consultancy firm, we have extensive experience that helps our clients improve, digitise, automate, and promote products and services that enable a better customer experience and benefit their financial outcomes.
Banking and insurance have evolved, and we understand how crucial a great customer experience, technology, and growth strategy are to remain competitive. We use our experience with the major banks and insurers to change mindsets and break bottlenecks to respond to market need.
COVID-19 and changing customer behaviour accelerated business model changes and a move to eCommerce for traditional bricks and mortar businesses. Pantheras helps businesses embrace sudden and unexpected transitions by supporting them with the right technology, digitisation and growth strategies.
The need to transform and find efficiencies is ever-increasing. We apply our expertise and experience in a process-oriented environment that drives efficiencies and achieves the required outcomes.

What our customers are saying

I worked with Deepika at Tyro on a number of process transformation and product delivery projects. Deepika has a wonderful way of building relationships with stakeholders and also with people who while not directly involved are impacted by change. Because of this she has a great success rate with rolling out change and generating user acceptance, breaking down resistance and objections especially with internal teams.Deepika pays attention to the little details in how a user may be affected by change and goes the extra mile to ensure there is understanding from herself, but as well she ensures deep understanding and rapport between the user and the project team delivering the work. I highly recommend Deepika for any role where communication and relationship building is important as she will not disappoint.

Diane Sexton

Senior Product Consultant at Brainmates

I was very fortunate to have Deepika as part of our team where she played a crucial role in ensuring a smooth rollout of new products and features. Dee is an excellent communicator and collaborator which makes her a great asset to any team or project. She's very focused on ensuring that the customer experience (both internal and external) is as good as it could be and always goes the extra mile to establish great relationships and build rapport. Her dedication, attention to detail and communication skills proved to be absolutely instrumental to the success of our team. In addition to her professional skills, Deepika is a highly dedicated and very empathetic team player and is always a pleasure to work with. She's the type of person who always lifts the spirits up and has the amazing ability to literally infect people around her with her positive 'can do' attitude.Would highly recommend Deepika!

Viktoria Angelova

Product leadership at
Afterpay Money

I was lucky to work in the same team as Deepika and I was always impressed by her commitment to improve the processes in the company with great attention to detail. Deepika was an excellent team player always investing her time and effort to make new changes in the processes run smoothly. She is a great communicator and a pleasure to work with. I would totally recommend hiring Deepika and I would be glad to work with her again in the future.

Martin Castillo

Business Architect at

What our customers are saying

I loved working with the pantheras team
“We found Pantheras' assistance invaluable and all the staff involved in the test benefited from their experience and formal methodology.”
Relevant and tailored.
“Relevant content, tailored to our context. Great mix of exercises and discussion. I think it was also good to give everyone a chance to think about what to apply at work"

Meet The Team

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Deepika Longanathan
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