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Product Planning, Building and Developing Teams

As a temporary strategy, it makes sense to look for external staff or a remote product team for a number of reasons. It may be: 

  • Fluctuating workloads may mean you need additional product team staff for limited periods.
  • Headcount freezes may prevent you from employing the people you need.
  • A need for new highly specialised skills not easily available on the market 
  • A need for temporary people to be put in place until permanent staff can be found. 

But experience has told you, more than the right skillset is required. These people need other skills that enable them to start adding value from day one. Remote product consulting may be the right option for you.

At Pantheras, we’ve developed an outcome focused staff augmentation process that helps us identify exactly the skills that will enable the outcome you require. Whether you need assistance with product planning or project management, we can help.

Our people are specifically trained to accelerate your outcomes through:

  • An ability to handle uncertainty and adapt to change 
  • Rapidly picking up domain knowledge and product planning
  • Adapting to new technologies and tools

In order for you to achieve the outcome you need, it's essential that the remote product consulting staff are able to work well with your existing teams. We look at your company culture, processes and practises and aim to provide you with people who:

  • Align with your company values
  • Are a good cultural fit
  • Communicate effectively at all levels

We’re not surprised when our clients tell us our product team have exceeded their expectations. As Atlassian put it: “Every team needs a Sam”. Check out what our clients are saying about us...

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